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Are you a nonprofit, bank, credit union or employer seeking new solutions to better engage donors, customers or employees, without spending precious marketing dollars? Check out our spaveKit™ for information and tools that will help improve your financial wellness and accelerate the impact of your mission.


We invite you and your supporters on a journey to transform spending for good.


We will help build awareness of and additional funding for your mission.


We will connect you with people who are passionate about your cause.


We will inspire users of the good you’re doing through testimonials and stories of impact.


We will reinforce healthy choices and behaviors with affirming messages.

spave faves

Special thanks to our Spave Fave partners listed below. This exclusive group of organizations committed to promoting Spave to their donors, volunteers and advocates over a 6-month period, as well as participate in early stage research. In return, they receive added visibility and an expanded audience through donor referrals and increased social media, along with exclusive data analytics and insights. Plus, they can send customized messages to their donors through the app and receive personal marketing support to help develop and drive promotion. Ready to join the Spave Fave roster? Contact with the Subject “Spave Fave” to get the conversation started.


Want to be known as an organization that inspires good? Simply white-label our solution and embed spave technology into your current mobile and/or employee benefits platform.